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Moderate Pursuits

Here's hoping you enjoy the photos (and occasional stories) of my fun, free, and easy jaunts.


2014…In a Nutshell

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Oh Right! I have a blog!

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Catching Up From Last Summer

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Puppies and Landscapes…essentially.

Just When You Thought We Had Reached Maximum Cuteness…

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Baby Animal Days continues at Indian Ladder Farms for one more week.

I enjoyed perhaps one of the best Mothers’ Days!  The boys and I spent the day kayaking on the New York side of the Battenkill.

Prepare for a ridiculous amount of cuteness!

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Spring flowers are still blooming  and the babies have arrived at Indian Ladder Farms (www.indianladderfarms.com).

Baby Animal Days will be happening May 5th-27th.

April Flowers…and a Couple of Other Things

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(I cannot take credit for the photo of the bike race.  Thanks Paul!)

Indian Ladder Farms, Washington Park, The Battenkill, The Hoosick, The Pine Bush:  They are all in full bloom!